Why you should consider a virtual office?

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Grow Your Business with the Help of A Good Virtual Office
October 13, 2015

Why you should consider a virtual office?


We know creative ways you can avoid overhead cost, while still reaping the benefits of a physical office space. A virtual office helps you to continue your usual business operations without any additional overhead.

Today, work is what you do, and no longer a rigid place you go to. VIRTUAL OFFICE is highly in demand. With our intensifying digital society there are vast percentage of job options involving working on and through the internet. In addition, remote employment has become larger and larger over the last few years. Most employees are saying, having remote jobs are more efficient and is a job perk. More companies now are using this as a recruitment tactic. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, work at a small firm, or you’re worried by large investments in physical space, then there are several reasons to consider a virtual office as the right solution.

This article will talk about few benefits of having a virtual office.

Virtual offices are a relatively new concept in the business world, but chances are it could be the calling card to take your business to next level. Virtual offices not only decrease your technology related investment and overhead costs (by eliminating the costs of your lease and building expenses), it also makes your business more productive as you are providing an opportunity for your remote workers to work from the places they find most comfortable.

Below we highlight five reasons you may want to consider a virtual office structure for your team.

  1. Boost your employee’s productivity

Offices that are virtual are based upon employee’s performance, instead of the usual set up of an employee’s spending 8-9hours a day inside offices. With this, more employees are being encourage to be more productive and efficient, instead of procrastinating on their work.


In comparison to physical office, as the employer you’ll be spending too much time assisting or keeping your people focus on their task. With virtual offices, as an employer you’ll have own time doing your own task as your people do so. Not degrading the employees inside office establishments, but when people are responsible for their own productivity they can manage and engineer their own schedule that will also help them to enhance productivity. When you focus on the well-being and happiness of employees, you’ll notice that productivity also starts to rise.


Patterned nine-to-five schedule doesn’t work for everyone.

  1. Overhead costing will no longer be your priority.

We are aware that largest costing of a business is the overhead costing. By using a virtual office space you’ll avoid paying rent, utility costs, or any other costs that come with having a physical space. Instead of putting most of the funds in renting, you can save more or pay your employees more to attract higher calibre talent. Keeping your costs at a minimum will enable you to become more productive, and efficient, while give you the ability to innovate on the fly.



  1. FLEXIBILITY at its finest

When your business utilizes a virtual office you give your employees the ultimate in flexibility. This enables them to choose which times of the day they are most productive. Since they won’t be able provide you their 9-5pm working hours, they’ll work on their available time and make the most out of it. We can put as a good example are the Stay-at-home moms, before they became SAHM, they were career women who just put their family first. Since SAHM like being productive and earning, they would want some of their time to work. This goes to show homebased jobs are giving them chance to be flexible, career and family wise.

Most companies who embrace a remote office have dedicated hours for employees to be available, but this doesn’t mean they have to be glued to their computers the entire time. This helps to provide a better work-life balance for your employees. People are happier doing their jobs from their homes avoiding any dramas that arises after being put up with people they dislike. This accounts for heightened productivity and lesser turnover time.

  1. Access to global calibre talent

Local offices, employ highly skilled worker around the town and side cities. With virtual office, you’ll be able to work with different nationalities and you have unlimited access to pool of talent screaming for opportunities.

  1. Local SEO Benefits

With a virtual office space, you can claim a location for your business without actually setting up a physical office space. This can be extremely beneficial for local SEO purposes. If you want your business to rank for certain local search terms, yet don’t have a physical location, then you’ll want a virtual office solution that gives you an address and phone number.

Bear in mind, if you choose to establish a virtual office make certain that all of the information you provide on the application coincides as the specifics you have on your company credit reports and filings.

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