Telephone service inbound and outbound

Both your inbound and outbound calls are very important aspects in your business. How you deal with these calls can often mean the difference between winning or losing business.

Virtual OSC offers a call delivery solution that focuses on excellent management of customer relationships. Thus, you can be confident about outsourcing your call center services.

Our staff will have a great knowledge of your business to ensure that your potential and existing customers will believe that they are talking to one of your own staff. This will also ensure that all queries will be answered correctly.



Administration is a crucial task that guarantees the smooth running of your business. In the past, efficiencies within administration are available only to big organizations, but this isn’t the case anymore. By outsourcing your Administration, your business can achieve significant improvements in its processes.

Reasons for Outsourcing Your Admin Support Services

– To build a virtual admin team and grow your organization by creating flexible services without worrying about additional overhead costs

– To pay more attention to the core aspects of your business, and to have a peace of mind that your administration processes are managed effectively

– To grab the opportunity for business expansion

– To extend admin support hours


Customer Service

Virtual OSC treats each client as an individual business. As such, all your business requirements are studied and understood by our personal assistants.

Our staff will act on your company’s behalf and will serve as your clients’ first point of contact. Should you wish to talk to our personal assistants, you may do so throughout the working day. This way, they can continuously gain knowledge of your company and your business. Through constant communication with your personal assistants, you can rest assured that all queries and problems your customers may have will be dealt with correctly and accurately.

At Virtual OSC, we make sure that all helpdesk procedures are followed, and that any of your specific requirements are followed.


Virtual address in Dublin, Ireland

Your home address might be an excellent physical location of your business, but if you want to win more clients or customers, you need an impressive ZIP code. If you need an urban location or a suburban area street number that you need to give your local clients in Ireland, Virtual OSC has business locations for you.

With a virtual address in Dublin, Ireland, you can enjoy the benefits of:

– Using a prominent business address as your own

– Having access to fully equipped private offices and meeting rooms for the day

– Utilizing various business support services


Virtual address with option for receiving mail in Dublin, Ireland

With a virtual address, you can enjoy a hassle-free way of securely receiving mail and packages throughout a regular business day. by establishing a virtual mailbox with Virtual OSC, all your mail and package handling or forwarding needs will be taken care of professionally by our staff.


Virtual address with virtual phone forwarded to your landline or mobile

Virtual OSC also offers advanced call forwarding services. With this service, you may route all incoming business calls to any of your department, location, and devices. We also use custom answering rules to route all calls based on your specific criteria, such as time of day, day of week, or even caller ID.